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Why are we called “Family Martial Arts?”

For us, we believe that the root of everything begins with the family.  Family provides the building block for healthy, happy, involved citizens. Students who know that they can rely on a family during times of turmoil, and times of triumph are more likely to succeed throughout their personal and eventually professional lives.

Our Approach:

Every student and family that walks through our doors is welcomed as one of our own.  From the moment our Little Ninjas step onto the mat at the age of 2 they are treated like family. Our school is the only one of its kind where parents and children train together in the same classes.  While that is not a requirement for our students, persons of all ages are welcome to train and learn together. We believe that this approach fosters a sense of leadership among our younger students and humility in our older ones.  Despite the age ranges our classes are challenging and appropriate for students of all ages and abilities. Our family learns and grows together!